Tuina Module 3 – Upper Limb problems

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Module / Weekend 3 Common conditions covered Upper limb problems Rotator cuff injuries Tennis / Golfers elbow Carpal tunnel Frozen shoulder Techniques covered Gun Fa An Fa Rou Fa Cuo Fa Duo Fa Yao Fa Shaolin Neigong Qigong Xiang Xu the Conqueror Lifting the Cauldron (Spleen) Pushing the Boat Against the Current (Pericardium) Triple Burner Holding Two Pagoda’s (Pericardium) Triple … Read More

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 PAT or portable appliance testing is a policy in the UK in which routine safety checks are performed on electrical appliances. This is a common sense safety regulation ensuring that any members of the public, workers, etc. who might come into contact with portable electrical appliances, are not at risk of injury.The Portable Appliance Testing rules are very straightforward as … Read More