Acupuncture – Mastering the Art of Abdominal Acupuncture (AA)

Acupuncture – Mastering the Art of Abdominal Acupuncture (AA) A Great and amazing CPD workshop.

This course will introduce you to theoretical and practical principles of Abdominal Acupuncture and is run over 2 consecutive days. The course has been designed to train you in the theory and use of Abdominal Acupuncture (Fu Zhen).
It has been specifically devised to offer you, as an attendee, a comprehensive understanding of Abdominal Acupuncture, and has practical hands on training to allow you to develop your confidence in treating a number of conditions.
Throughout the 2-days you will be encouraged to explore different abdominal techniques that you have been shown and taught, under supervision and with feedback, so that you are competent & confident to use this technique affectively in your own clinical practice.
You will explore the location of the abdominal acupuncture points, and in locating and needling abdominal Aashi (painful) points, to improve the clinical outcomes for your patients.
You will learn a number of common points prescriptions, needle combinations, and how to formulate points prescriptions to treat a number of conditions, and develop the use of specific abdominal diagnostic procedures, including observation and palpation.
You will be encouraged to discover the subtleties of AA which allowing you to improve on and develop your skills further through experience.

Can I attend?
This course is suitable for:

This course is suitable for qualified acupuncturists and final year acupuncture students who hold professional insurances that will cover them for the use of Acupuncture within their scope of practice.

Acupuncturists, (BAcC, ATCMA, CNHC)


Osteopaths / Chiropractors (Dry needling)

Physiotherapists, (AACP, BMAS) etc.

What will I learn ?
By the end of the session participants will:
You will gain an understanding of this amazingly useful micro system of acupuncture, how it was developed, the theory behind it and the different levels that it works at. You will learn how to locate and use a number of abdominal acupuncture points, and develop a deeper understanding of their functions, especially when used at different therapeutic depths. The main focus of the course will be using this treatment approach at the Heaven (superficial) level.
Day 1
Introduction to abdominal acupuncture

Brief History


Abdominal theories

Heaven, Humanity, Earth

Channels , collaterals and zang / fu organs

Advantages /Contra indications

Map of abdominal points (2 Dimensional)

Location of points (variation of points) (Demonstration)

Brief description of main points

Function of points, Abdominal Significance

Scientific evidence based underpinning the use of Abdominal Acupuncture
Abdominal Diagnosis




Male / Female

Day 2
Abdominal Acupuncture Treatment Protocol

Importance of position, client reference

needle, sequence, depth (Deqi or no Deqi)

Information interpretation from needle and client

Putting it all together


(Extra Demo time for student palpation skills)
Abdominal Prescriptions functions and formulations

General Abdominal prescriptions

Sciatica / Back Ache (chronic / acute)

Muscular skeletal conditions

Bi Syndrome

Rheumatism / Arthritis

Demonstration & Supervised student cases (to include 4 from the list below. depending on students requests)

Stiff Neck

Frozen shoulder / shoulder pain

Tennis elbow / elbow pain

Repetitive strain injury (R.S.I)

Carpel Tunnel syndrome

Hip / pelvic problems

Knee pain

Ankle ache

Sports injuries

Information you need to know before booking

Refreshments and lunch sadly are not provided.

You will need to bring a pen or pencil, we will be providing everything else; full colour course notes, all of the training equipment etc.

There is a summative 20 minute multiple-choice and practical test at the end of the 2nd day. The assessment is marked and graded to pass to a set standard.

You will be formatively assessed throughout the course by the tutor, with him providing you with constructive feedback and instruction.

All participants must be prepared to give and receive treatments during the training, and a must be over 18 years old.

Students who may be fasting for religious other reasons must inform the tutor before the course commences.

All participants must have a sound working knowledge of Acupuncture.

For full terms and conditions about complaints and cancellations please see our policies