An introduction to the science behind physical development and its relation

Course overview
An introduction to the science behind physical development and its relationship to learning.

Grounded in practice-based research in dance movement science, this unique course introduces theoretical and practical principles of applied neuroscience and educational theory, drawing from Montessori Pedagogy, Sensory Integration Theory, and Laban Movement Analysis.

The course is designed to offer you as an attendee, an introduction to a theoretical and practical understanding of how movement and dance can make a significant contribution to early years development, developmental delay and academic attainment.

The course will offer you as the learner: – The scientific evidence based underpinning of the use of movement to enhance learning potential. A review of the current literature in neuroscience and physical education. Provide you with practical experiences.

Who is the course for?

Parents and carers who wish to learn more about child development.

The course is suitable for qualified early years practitioners, primary school teachers, head teachers, SENCO’s and healthcare therapists: e.g. Pediatric Occupational, Speech and Language and Physiotherapists, students of any of the above fields and anyone with a professional interest in child development, education and/or applied artistic practice.

All participants must be over 18 years old.

What will I learn?
The primary learning outcomes for the session are for you to;

Be able to consider physical development in a more scientifically informed way.
Develop a fuller understanding of why and how movement supports both physical development and learning.
Understand how ‘school readiness’ and academic attainment can be linked to physical development.
Improve understanding of the benefits of movement-based learning.
Have a greater understanding of safe and effective movement practice.
Experience of applied movement science.

Aims / Objectives By the end of the day’s session you will;

Have developed a fuller understanding of the range of activities that meet the needs of physical development and their relationship to learning potential.
Have discussed and developed motivational and creative approaches to enhance optimal physical development.
Be able to apply knowledge to improve awareness of needs and enable better outcomes for children.
Be able to consider alternative creative approaches and solutions to current practice.

How many hours CPD?

6 hours CPD.
The day will run from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

£ 115.00 (early bird) £ 125.00 (full price)

Is the course assessed?



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