Cadaver Prosection Exploring the Dangerous Acupuncture points a CPD course.

Exploring the Dangerous Acupuncture Points – AM session

Course overview
The CPD course will provide you with an amazing opportunity to see all of the anatomical structures of the body in true 3D. The anatomical human specimens you will explore will allow you to see the body in relation to acupuncture points that are documented as having major cautions; such as Bladder-1 around the eye, Ren-22 at the throat, and many others, and help you deepen your understanding of the cautions around needling.
This unique CPD course has been specially designed for qualified and student health care professionals, with an interest in learning more about the detailed workings of the body and human living anatomy.

Who is the course for?
This course has been uniquely designed for:






Body workers.

Other health care professionals who use acupuncture in their scope of practice.

What will I learn?

During the session you will explore, in detail, the commonly listed acupuncture points that have needling cautions to them, on prosected cadavers, these are cadavers that have been pre dissected to expose the areas that will be looked at in detail, the full process of dissection takes many hours to perform.

You will be provided with protective lab coats and gloves, and will be encouraged to investigate and handle the cadavers under guidance and supervision.

Because each of these groups are small, you will have ample opportunities to palpate and interact with the prosections, and ask all the questions of the anatomist that you may have.

How many hours CPD?

2 hours CPD.

The day will run from 13.30am to 15.30pm

Is the course assessed?

The course is not assessed, however throughout the session the anatomist will interact with you and ask questions of the participants.

Other information

The courses are run using the facilities at Kings College London.

Participants are asked to be at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to start of the session, 10.15am for the morning session.

These sessions have been designed specifically for professional healthcare practitioners, and as such are not open to the general public.

Please note: expectant mothers, photography, mobile phones, eating, drinking, smoking and the wearing of contact lenses are not permitted in the Dissecting Room for legal and health and safety reasons. All course attendees must comply with Human Tissue Act regulations. Dissecting Room staff reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone not adhering to these regulations.