Scalp acupuncture – A 2 day workshop at ICOM East Grinstead

Scalp acupuncture – A 2 day workshop at ICOM Acupuncture college in East Grinstead

Scalp Acupuncture is one of the 19 modern micro-systems of acupuncture techniques. It combines Chinese acupuncture needling methods alongside the Western anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology and functional neuroanatomy in relation to the representative areas of the cerebral cortex.
In this style of micro-systems acupuncture needles are inserted into specific zones on the scalp, to achieve the desired therapeutic effects. It is primarily used to treat brain related conditions; neurological disorders, psychological and psychosomatic conditions, stroke, depression, Parkinson”s disease, dementia, pain, chronic muscle spasm, etc.

Can I attend?
The 2-day workshop has been uniquely devised for practising therapists who hold professional insurances that cover them for the use of acupuncture within their scope of practice, and who have an interest in developing and enhancing their clinical skills.

Acupuncturists, (BAcC, ATCMA, CNHC)

Osteopaths / Chiropractors (Dry needling)

Physiotherapists, (AACP, BMAS) etc.

What will I learn ?
Attending the workshop will enable you to;

Develop advanced practical and patient handling skills.

New acupuncture techniques.

Practical non-invasive treatment approaches to use with your clients.

This is a two-day practical interactive workshop that will enable you, as a participant, to learn:

How to integrate scalp acupuncture into your current clinical practice,

Gain an insight into both the theoretical and practical basis for the integration of Scalp acupuncture therapy alongside your own professional discipline.

The origin and development of scalp acupuncture.

The location of the stimulation zones and indications for using them.

A new needle technique.

Importantly the cautions of scalp acupuncture.

Information you need to know before booking

Refreshments and lunch sadly are not provided.

You will need to bring a pen or pencil, we will be providing everything else; full colour course notes, all of the training equipment etc.

There is no formal assessment, but a quiz style knowledge check at the end of each day will allow practitioners to check their own knowledge from each day.

You must consent to give and receive treatments during the training.

Must be over 18 years of age.

You will receive on the day a full set of colour notes.

There will only be a maximum of 20 attendees on the course, with 2 tutors, so book early to secure your place.

Due to the very practical nature of the course the minimum required to run is 8.

For full terms and conditions about complaints and cancellations please see our policies