Taping for injury prevention, treatment & active Sports players

Sports – taping for active sports players – how to tape using ZO and Kinesio tape.

A new taping workshop that will cover the main elements and applications of taping and strapping in team sports; including zinc wrapping the ankle, elbow and shoulder, and EAB taping for the wrists and knees. This workshop is perfect for anyone working with sports teams (especially contact sports like rugby) who want to increase their knowledge and speed when taping for recovery, before games and for training.

On this practical one day course you will learn ;
Different taping products including zinc oxide and kinesiology tape
Revision of the anatomical structures on the areas covered.
A number of taping techniques to support injured or compromised joints.
How to speedily apply a number of taping techniques to the wrist, shoulder, knee and ankle to support players and clients with injuries.
Athletic Taping for support and limiting movement
Kinesiology Taping for Support and Pain Relief
Fascial Taping for Posture
Contraindications, (health and safety, hygiene)
Acute injury management
Management of specific conditions

Can I Attend?
The course has been uniquely devised for practising and final year therapists of all disciplines who hold professional insurances that will cover them for the use of massage and taping within their scope of practice, and who have an interest in developing and enhancing their clinical skills
Body Workers
Sports therapists
Acupuncturists (BAcC, BMAS, ATCMA etc.).
Osteopaths (Dry needling).
Chiropractors (Dry needling).
Physiotherapists (AACP).

The only pre-requisite for this course is a working knowledge of human anatomy, and an open mind.

Other information
Refreshments and lunch sadly are not provided.
You will need to bring a pen or pencil, we will be providing everything else; full colour course notes, all of the training equipment etc.
You will be formatively assessed throughout the course by the tutor, with them providing you with constructive feedback and instruction.
All participants must be prepared to give and receive treatments during the training, and a must be over 18 years old.
If you are fasting for religious or other reasons you must inform the tutor before the course commences.
Due to the practical hands on nature of the course the minimum number of participants is 6.

Marjolijn Vissser Marjolijn Visser