Tuina Massage – Treating Sports Injuries.

Tuina Massage – Treating Sports Injuries.

Course overview
This course has been designed to introduce participants to Tuina Chinese Massage and how to use it to treat Sports injuries. The day will teach you a number of effective Tuina massage techniques that are used to treat sports and sports related injuries. The course will be underpinned at all times where possible by the most current academic literature and research.

Who is the course for?
This course has been specifically designed for professional bodyworkers; massage therapists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, etc. who have sound massage skills (any particular style), a keen interest in developing and improving their clinical skills, and a desire to learn new techniques to assess and treat, acute and chronic sports injuries and their related problems.
Some knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine is useful but not necessary.

What will I learn?
On this course you will learn:

a number of Tuina massage techniques, and the actions of these techniques on the body

to develop new treatment strategies to help patients

the relative strengths and weaknesses of them

the contraindications and red flags for treating acute and chronic sports injuries

when to refer patients on to others

The day will enable you to:

improve the clinical outcomes for your clients

develop further clinical and TCM skills

explore the psycho-emotional and practitioner development issues related to sports injuries

develop further your Qi

develop an improved understanding of sports injuries in relation to the both the TCM and Western medical models

learn to effectively use Tuina to treat these conditions

learn to formulate new more integrated treatment plans

How many hours CPD?
The day will run from 9.00 to 5.00 so be valid for 7 hours CPD

Is the course assessed?
Assessment is undertaken on a continuous basis by the tutor throughout the day as the course is a hands on practical course. as participants you will be working in pairs throughout the day and treatment couches will be provided.
Treatments are undertaken through clothing, not directly on the skin, with this in mind, participants are reminded to wear loose comfortable clothing for the day.

Other information
This is a very hands on practical day where you will be encouraged to work with each other in developing your new practical techniques.

Chris Tappenden / Paul Blacker