Tuina – Five Element QiGong Tui Na


Massage – 5 Element QiGong Tuina

7 Hours CPD

About the course.

This unique introductory course will provide you with the theoretical basis and practical principles of integrating Standing Qi Gong & Five Element QìGōng Tuī Na into your current bodywork practice.

The course is run over 1 day, and has been designed to offer you an overview of Standing Qi Gong & Five Element QìGōng Tuī Ná and the rationale for the use of its techniques.

The practical event will have embedded within it Standing Qi Gong to help develop your Qi, and these exercises are developed throughout the day.

This course is ideal for practitioners wishing to add Tuina to enhance their portfolio of treatment tools and develop further their Qi.

Tutor Renzo Tat

Renzo Tat

Renzo Tat is a practitioner of Acupuncture & Tui Na, as well as a teacher of Wing Chun Kung Fu & Qi Gong. He started studying Chinese Martial systems in 1979, studying Feng Shao Kung Fu for about 18 months before learning Wing Chun; after some twelve years, of studying Wing Chun; Renzo attended The British School of Shiatsu Do’s three year practitioners course, becoming a Shiatsu practitioner while continuing his Wing Chun more