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CPDG Tuina massage

Seated Shiatsu Massage
Seated Meridian Massage

Thursday May 10th – 10 am to 5 pm – 7 Hours CPD

About the course

Seated Acupressure massage also known as OnSite massage, is an upper body massage performed through loose clothes while seated on a specially designed massage chair.

This 1 day workshop is ideally suited for practitioners of massage and bodywork therapists such as shiatsu students, shiatsu practitioners and practitioners of other massage and bodywork therapies as continuing practitioner development (CPD), who wish to enhance and develop their practices and learn new skills. This massage is fun to learn and a valuable addition to your practice.

There is no need for any special preparation for this course just a willingness to develop your touch and tune into the body.

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The course is designed to offer you as a student, a full Seated Acupressure Massage Routine.

Throughout the 1-day practical course you will learn to perform a complete Seated Shiatsu / Acupressure Routine and develop and understanding of the great benefits of this quick pick-me-up routine, widely used at Corporate and Sporting Events.

You will learn:

  • A number of ways to work safely and effectively to deliver an effective massage routine.
  • Contraindications to use of On-site/seated acupressure massage.
  • Introduction to working in the chair and to the different types of chair
  • How to set up the chair and seat your client.
  • Application of pressure through body weight and body mechanics, correct posture and use of body weight to apply techniques.
  • Use of hands, thumbs and forearms to apply pressure.

This is a Formative Course and assessments will be undertaken throughout the day by means of short demonstrations, plenty of hands on experience and one to one training with a full swap and run through of the complete routine at the end of the day.

This is a fun and informative interactive workshop.

Shepherds House
Collingwood Street
Guys Hospital Campus
London Bridge

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Tutor Cathy Alderson

Cathy Alderson

Cathy started her journey into Massage and Bodywork over 20 years ago and developed a fascination with the Mind/Body connection.
She has trained extensively in many forms of massage but found Myofascial Release to be the missing link and now uses these skills to facilitate change within clients allowing them to become fully functional… read more