Massage – Myofascial Release – The Missing Link in Bodywork


Myofascial Release – The missing link in bodywork

10am to 5pm – 7 Hours CPD

About the course

This One Day Course is designed to offer Professional Bodyworkers a detailed understanding of the theoretical and practical principles of Myofascial Release.

Fascia is the tissue that surrounds and connects all the structures in the body and learning this effective release technique can give you the missing link to solving chronic pain.

This practical hands on day is suitable for practitioners who wish to enhance their skills by incorporating and integrating direct myofascial release techniques into their practice.

The Myofascial Release approach principles are life principles: Be centered, engage slowly and wait at the barrier without forcing the system and change will happen. Done properly, the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach will help you restore balance, facilitating health and wellness. Balancing the body can reduce or eliminate pain, increase flexibility, stability and allow the client to enjoy more energy.

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This is a hands-on practical day and you will learn:

  • Specific Myofascial Release techniques to safely and effectively treat dysfunctional tissue.
  • Identify stuck, hardened and dehydrated fascia.
  • Develop a full understanding and apply the methods to free and loosen these areas leading to increased range of motion, pain relief and full functionality.

You will develop:

  • An understanding of the piezoelectric phenomenon and the physiological changes that take place during MFR.
  • The importance of the time element,
  • develop your listening skills allowing you to further assist the bodys’ ability to self- heal
  • An understanding that the body can facilitate spontaneous movement.
  • To understand the function and physiology of Fascia
  • Develop the techniques required to evaluate and treat Myofascial restrictions to include; Sacrum Release, Gross Cross Hand Stretches, Psoas Release, Hip Flexor Release, Transverse Plane Releases, Dural Tube Release, Unwinding ( spontaneous movement), Rocking or Rebounding.
  • Devise a treatment plan.

Tutor Cathy Alderson

Cathy Alderson

Cathy started her journey into Massage and Bodywork over 20 years ago and developed a fascination with the Mind/Body connection. She has trained extensively in many forms of massage but found Myofascial Release to be the missing link and now uses these skills to facilitate change within clients allowing them to become fully functional on all levels… read more