Paul Blacker


Paul has been in practice for

and has
years teaching experience
Paul practices Acupuncture, Tuina, remedial therapeutic massage, Qi gong and dietary therapy in Longfield, Kent. He has a practice in Kent, is a first aid instructor and set up and runs the New Ash Green Rugby Club treatment centre, a unique multi-disciplinary, multi-bed unit, treating male and female senior and junior sports players. He graduated in massage in 1993 and in acupuncture in 1997, achieved his PGCE in 2002, and his Masters in education in 2012. He has taught acupuncture and massage for since 1998, and has taught all aspects of Chinese medicine, living anatomy, practitioner development and setting up in practice at colleges in the UK. He has a special interest in continuing professional development (CPD) within the healthcare sector, sports injuries, chronic pain, and Microsystems of acupuncture. He was until recently secretary to the Microsystems Acupuncture Regulatory Working Group, MACRWG, a profession specific group exploring, voluntary regulation of Microsystems of acupuncture in the UK, and represented this wing of the acupuncture profession at the Acupuncture Stakeholders Group. He wrote all of the policies which enabled this group to register with the CNHC, now an Accredited Register under the Professional Standards Authority.