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In association with the RCHM, The CPD Group are very pleased to offer these 6 exclusive RCHM Post Graduate Continued Professional Development Seminar Series – March 2017– March 2018.

Amazing Discounts for booking more than one course.

13% discount with the code RCHM3CC when you book 3 courses

RCHM members £75 a day, £60 if booking all six seminars (£360), £65 each if booking three (£195)

20% discount with the code RCHM6CC when you book all 6 courses.

Non RCHM members £100, £80 if booking all six (£480), £87 each if booking three (£260)

  • RCHM - Using Chinese Herbal Medicine as supportive treatment for people living with cancer.
    RCHM - Using Chinese Herbal...
  • RCHM - Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine Paediatrics
    RCHM - An introduction to...
  • RCHM - Treating Anxiety And Depression With Chinese Herbal Medicine
    RCHM - Treating Anxiety and...
  • RCHM - Putting herbs into practice
    RCHM - Putting Herbs Into...
  • RCHM - Treating Digestive Diseases (gut dysbiosis, SIBO and IBS) with Chinese Herbal Medicine
    RCHM - Treating Digestive Diseases...
  • RCHM - Introducing Western Herbs to Traditional Chinese Herbalists from a TCM Perspective - A woman’s journey from fertility to menopause.
    RCHM - Introducing Western Herbs...

Each CPD event will address a different aspect of advanced practice in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM), and are structured with a morning of theoretical lectures and an afternoon of practical participation in a workshop format. The seminar series has been specifically designed for RCHM registered practitioners, and graduates of accredited herbal courses, but is open to other qualified practitioners depending on their qualifications and experience.

The RCHM welcomes applications from practitioners of Chinese Herbal Medicine who have graduated from institutions (in the UK or overseas) which have a comparable accreditation process to that of the EHTPA’s Accredited Educational Institutions. Most RCHM members practice acupuncture and will have completed a degree level course in acupuncture.

If you are a current non-member of teh RCHM, why not visit the RCHM to join or renew your membership then enjoy exclusive CPD Group discounts and benefits


The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine was set up in 1987 to regulate the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) in the UK and has over 450 members. They set and maintain the very highest of standards in CHM. Members must hold a degree in Chinese herbal medicine, or a qualification that is equivalent to a degree. In addition, members must adhere to our Codes of Ethics and have full professional insurance.

Graduates of RCHM affiliated Educational Institutions, which have been accredited by the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA), gain automatic entry to the RCHM. These accredited courses meet the minimum standards for theory, clinical experience and Western sciences that are required for the practice of CHM in the UK.

The RCHM is a member of the European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA), an umbrella organisation that for over a decade has called for statutory regulation (SR) for herbal medicine in the UK.