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CPD ear acupuncture courses

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At CPDG Ltd, we offer a wide range of professionally designed courses in auricular therapy and ear acupuncture. Our team of experts, with many years of experience in the field, has carefully created these courses to help you develop professional approaches to treating your clients and improve clinical outcomes with your patients.

We have considered everything you need to develop and improve as a practitioner. We provide specific details about each course to help you choose the best one to cater to your interests and professional goals.

By attending one of our courses, you will learn new things that will help you develop new and novel approaches to treating your patients. We are confident that taking full advantage of our courses will help you find success and develop more deeply within your chosen profession.

CPDG acu detox


Acudetox ear acupuncture course for substance misuse workers. Train to be profient and understand the actions and functions of ear therapy.

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