First Aid for Mental Health

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On this externally validated Registered Qualification Framework (RQF) course, we will explore a range of mental health issues and conditions, focusing on their causes, symptoms, and appropriate strategies for intervention and support.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the importance of mental health for your overall well-being and that of others. Moreover, you’ll learn how to recognise signs of distress in others and provide assistance when needed.

The objective of this course is to support you in your workplace role and help you develop both professionally and personally. This course will assist you in identifying your role and guide you to develop the skills necessary to recognise those experiencing mental health issues.

Remember, the knowledge and skills you acquire in this course can make a real difference in someone’s life. Whether you are a concerned friend, family member, or part of a professional environment, your ability to provide first aid for mental health ,can be a valuable contribution to promoting mental well-being in your community.

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The course is made up of 2 units.

Unit 1: Introduction to mental health, mental ill health and wellbeing.

The unit introduces you to the concepts of mental health, mental ill health and wellbeing, other related terminology and subjects.

It aims to provide you with an understanding that all individuals have mental health and that an individual’s experience of mental health can fluctuate on a spectrum.

The unit also provides you with an understanding of how to self-manage your own mental health and wellbeing.

Unit 2: Introduction to first aid for mental health.

The unit introduces you to the principles of first aid for mental health.

Providing you with an understanding of the basic concepts and tools needed to undertake the role of a first aider for mental health in the workplace.

You will explore your own role in relation to the tools you will need to use to support an individual, how you are contributing to a wellness culture and how you can manage your own self-care as a first aider for mental health.

CPDG mental health

This award is aimed at learners who wish to become mental health first-aiders in the workplace.

You don’t need formal qualifications to join the course, but you should be able to read and write English at a basic level.

You must be over 16 years old.

This qualification is assessed by the following methods:

  • 1 x 15 multiple-choice questions and 1 x 25 multichoice question paper. 
  • The pass mark is 60% so 9/15 on Unit 1 and 15/25 on unit 2. 

You will receive a Highfield Level 2 Award in An Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health (RQF) upon successfully completing the course. We send you a hard copy by post, and an e-certificate electronically for your files.

The fee includes all registrations and certifications

The course is delivered over 4 half days via Teams, led by the tutor.

The total qualification time for this qualification is 15 hours and of this 12 are recommended as guided learning hours.

CPDG introduction to first aid for Mental Health

Katrin is an exceptional trainer and consultant with extensive experience in workplace well-being. Her expertise lies in managing mental health in workplaces, and she has established herself as one of the leading authorities in this space.

Katrin’s passion for this work was further fueled during her time spent co-developing, quality-assured, and delivering mental health training at the senior level for the prominent and well-respected mental health charity ‘Mind.’

Her ability to engage with individuals and teams in an empathetic and compassionate way allows her to guide people through difficult situations and provide the support they need at crucial times. Her knowledge and experience have enabled her to offer practical and effective solutions that are tailored to individual and organisational needs. Read more…

5 simple tools to cope with stress
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Please note that due to the fully interactive and discursive nature of the course the minimum numbers required to run this event is 6.

This is an externally quality assured Highfield Level 2 (RQF) Award in introduction to First aid for Mental Health.


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