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This course has been specifically designed to train you to add this therapeutic intervention as an adjunct to your current substance misuse role. One of its many benefits is that it allows you to treat a large number of clients in a very short period of time. This is particularly useful in a busy multi-bed or health center, whether you are in the confines of a prison or the working areas of a substance misuse center.

Ear acupuncture has been shown to be most effective when used in combination with other therapies and support groups, which you may already be running, and is a simple, safe, and effective approach to promoting healthcare.

The course has been designed to provide you with well-structured, safe training and is underpinned by best practice and current research. It has been created to meet both the National Occupational Standards and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council’s standards of education and training for Microsystems (ear) Acupuncture.

The training includes hands-on practice with the AcuDetox 5-point protocol, with follow-up clinical management and supervision.

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You will learn;

  • The history, principles and development of Ear Acupuncture.
  • The rules, ethical standards and codes of conduct of Ear Acupuncture.
  • The anatomy of the ear
  • The location and function of 6 auricular points which form the NADA protocol.
  • The importance of obtaining written informed consent before touching a client.
  • Confidentiality
  • New patient handling skills
  • New acupuncture needling techniques
  • Practical non-invasive treatment approaches that can be applied to the ear.
  • How to use and integrate treatments into your current clinical practice to enhance treatments, speed your clients recovery, and improve clinical outcomes.
  • Explore the research behind how auricular acupuncture can facilitate the body’s own healing mechanisms in order to improve rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Health and safety and clinical issues.
  • Red flags and contraindications.
  • First aid for common adverse clinical events.

The course is mapped to Skills for Healths National Occupational Standards for Microsystems Acupuncture

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CPDG supervision

The clinical supervision elelment will take place within 12 weeks of the intiatal trining. Thi is a 1 day supervised session and is in place to allow practitoners to revise and practice, and gain clinical experience.

The supervison day is a student led / centred session, allowing you to question, refine, and correct any clinical issues that may have arison in the past 12 weeks.

This course is open to:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Substance misuse workers
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Therapists and non-therapists.
  • Prison workers
  • Support staff
  • Offenders past and present
  • No previous training in acupuncture is needed to attend.

This course is extreemely useful for people who are interested in the effective treatment of addiction and substance misuse, and has proven to be highly effective for busy treatment centres.

As you progress through the course, your tutor will provide you with regular formative assessments. These are designed to provide you with constructive feedback, instruction, and correction in order to help you thrive on the course.

Your tutor will closely observe your progress and provide you with comprehensive assessments in a professional and supportive manner, as part of the learning process.

The course runs over 2-days face to face clinical training day.

It includes the online VLE element covering he history and development of ear acupuncture

You will receive a CPD certificate recognised by your professional asscoaition valid for 14 hours CPD.

We send you a hard copy by post, and an e-certificate electronically for your files.

Acudetox CPD certificate

Paul practices Acupuncture, Tuina, remedial therapeutic massage in Longfield, Kent. He is a senior RFU first aid instructor and set up and runs the New Ash Green Rugby Club treatment centre, a unique multi-disciplinary, multi-bed unit, treating male and female senior and junior sports players.

He graduated in massage in 1993 and in acupuncture in 1997, achieved his PGCE in 2002, and his Masters in education in 2012.

He was instumental in the establishment of the Microsystems Acupuncture Register on the CNHC …Read more…

Before you attend

  • You will receive on the day free; a stainless steel probe, a high quality practice silicone ear, a unique laminated ear acupuncture poster and a full set of colour notes, worth over £50.00.
  • Access to the VLE element of the course is included and should be compelted prior to the course
  • Due to the practical hands on nature of the course, the minimum number of participants is 6, and a maximum of 12.
  • Refreshments and lunch sadly are not provided.
  • You will need to bring a pen or pencil, we will be provide you with everything else; full colour course notes, all of the training equipment etc.
  • All participants must be prepared to give and receive treatments during the training, must be over 18 years old, and have read and completed the health screening questionnare.
  • This course may not suitable for women who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.
  • If you are fasting for religious or other reasons you must inform the tutor before the course commences.
CNH24 Provide Microsystems Acupuncture to clients NOS Skills for health
Microsystems acupuncture National Occupational Standards
CPDG health screening questionaire
Health screening questionnaire
Blacker - 1986 - Auricular acupuncture and substance misuse a clinical audit
Ear acupucnture a clinical audit
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