Acudetox – Ear Acupuncture Accreditation and Training


The training is both practical and educational and kept relevant to substance misuse. The course covers all aspects of training including health and safety issues, clean needle technique and client management. The hands on course includes clinical supervision under the guidance of registered our experienced tutors, considered to be vital in the practice of this beneficial therapy.

Standards of training

The course has been specifically designed to meet the National Occupational Standards for Microsystems Acupuncture, NOS CNH 24, and is mapped to the standards of education and training established by the Microsystems Acupuncture Regulatory Working Group to meet the high standards of entry to the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

CNH24 - Provide Microsystems Acupuncture to clients

How long ?

The course is designed to have 3 practical 8-hour days of interactive hands on training, and an additional online module.

  • 2 days of practical hands-on training.
  • 1-day of clinical supervision undertaken within 12 weeks of the initial training.
  • 1 on-line revision and assessment course, undertaken within 12 weeks of the initial training.



Assessment is both formative – where srudents receive continual feedback from the tutor based on observations throughout the practical 3 days of training, and summative – through the completion of an online module that learners complete at the end of the practical course.

This is done thorugh our bespoke Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and can be undertaken at any time within 12 weeks of the initial training.


Certification is undertaken upon the successful completion of the practical, online and supervision elements of the course.

Upon successful certification candidates can join the FHT, and be eligable to join and become regulated by the CNHC.


Re-assessment and Supervision

Re-assessment is a requirement and occurs within12 months of the completion of the course in line with the standards of education and training, agreed by the profession.

In line with these standards a supervision clinical day is undertaken within 12 weeks of the initial training.

Reassessment and supervision help to maintain the very highest standards for clinical care, practical competencies, fitness to practice and refine and improve learners clinical skills.

Different levels of training?

Once candidates have completed the basic first level of training there are additional modules that can be studied to extend their scope of practice, these cover further points and health conditions.


List of research coming soon.


It is the responsibility of the individual and the organisation to ensure that appropriate insurance is put in place. This can be done through the employees organisation or individuals can purchase insurance separately for cover through companies such as Balens.


All tutors are qualified tutors and experienced in training in ear acupuncture.


Cost of training is £350.00 per person.

£ per person

£ per course up to 12 people

Contact us for a specific quotation.


There are many benefits of training for institutions, practitioners and clients


  • Cost effective training
  • A maximum of 12 to 1 teaching ratio
  • Transferable practical skill
  • Enhances workers scope of practice
  • Enhances clinical effectiveness
  • Enhances client engagement


  • Additional practical clinical skills
  • Enhanced scope of practice


  • A reduction of craving for the substance being misused
  • A ‘clearer mind’ which should promote receptive rational thinking.
  • A reduction of withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Helps relapse prevention
  • Relaxation
  • An improved feeling of well being

Student directed learning.

The course contains a module of online study and assessment. This must be undertaken and passed within 12 weeks of the initial training.

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