Level 1 Award in the Principles of Fire Safety Awareness (RQF)

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CPDG Limited Fire Awareness level 1
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CPDG fire safety courses a

The Principles of Fire Safety Awareness - Level 1 Award (RQF)

Effective fire safety training is essential for many employees. This is because fire can destroy lives, close businesses and put a tremendous strain on the health and welfare of those affected by it.

Every employee has a role to play in fire safety and the fire-safety qualifications offered by Highfield help to support employees. Employees successfully completing fire safety training courses resulting in a Highfield qualification will assist organisations in meeting their legal obligations, and provide a much safer working environment for all of their employees.

Learners gaining this qualification will know that fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace and will recognise the contribution they have in preventing the starting and spread of fires.


4 Hours

Hours CPD

Valid for 4 hours CPD


  • Is it for me ?

    The qualification is aimed at all staff, particularly new starters in any workplace, where a basic understanding of fire safety is required.

  • How long will it take ?

    The total qualification time (TQT) for this qualification is 5 hours and of this 4 hours are recommended as guided learning hours. TQT is an estimate of the total number of hours it would take an average learner to achieve and demonstrate the necessary level of attainment to be awarded with a qualification, both under direct supervision (forming guided learning hours) and without supervision (all other time). TQT and GLH values are advisory and assigned to a qualification as guidance.

  • Topics covered

    These include basic fire safety and what to do in the event of an emergency, the principles of fire risk control and practical fire safety.

  • Assessment methods

    This qualification is assessed by a 30 minute multiple-choice examination, where the learner must answer at least 9 out of 15 questions correctly to pass.

  • Qualification

    Learners will receive a Highfield Level 1 Award in the Principles of Fire Safety Awareness (RQF) upon successfully completing the course.

  • What next?

    Learners successfully completing this qualification may wish to progress onto further qualifications, such as: • Highfield Level 2 Award in the Principles of Fire Safety (RQF) • Highfield Level 2 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace (RQF)

  • E-learning option

    There is an E-learning option available with this course

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